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strings of knives to hand moulders CNC machines contour Poland
strings of knives to hand moulders CNC machines contour Poland
strings of knives to hand moulders CNC machines contour Poland

MAGTECHNIK: strings of knives to hand moulders CNC machines contour - Poland

Rigid PUR foams thermal insulation | Mineral wool thermal insulation | Polyurethane foam products | PU polyurethane foam products | PU secondarily foamed products | Rigid PUR foam products

The company was founded in 2005 becoming a response to needs of foamed plastics processing industry- polyurethane mainly.The motto of our company is to achieve the highest quality of manufactures and the short term delivery. We are certainly trustworthy partner for any potential customers. Our company has come cutting wires as well as band knives for cutting polyurethane and polyethylene foams onto the market, which have been produced on the basis of polish technology of manufacturing, representing the world highest quality.

We have produced a wide range of cutting wires and band knives which are designed to cut materials such as:
• PU polyurethane foam– a foam used in upholstery furniture industry (cutting of foam profiles to fill upholstered furniture).
• Polyurethane foam secondarily foamed (REBOND)- a foam glued with polyurethane foam patrtitions used in furniture industry.
• Flexible Polyethylene (PE) foam– a foam used in furniture industry (cutting rectangular elements from foam blocks which used in filling upholstery furniture and mattresses.
• Rigid PUR polyurethane foams - a foam used in isolating conditioning installations (cold protective).
• Mineral wool (glass, stone) - pipeline isolations, chemninees ,high – temperature containers protecting form the warmth loss.

Cutting wires are devices allowing for cutting proposed shapes from blocks of mentioned materials. A cutting wire is designed to prepare simple cutting out as well as more complex non-rectilinear shapes such as: curvatures, arcs.

The method allows for :
- cutting out and matching mineral wool isolations to curvatures of high-temperature container,
- cutting out isolations from rockwool or rigid polyurethane PUR foame , with specified internal diameter and thickness - designed to izolate thermal pipeline pipes ,with technological pair of chimies as well as conditiong instalatios.
- cutting out proposed shape of PU foam filling in upholstered furniture

Wires are used as straight and spiral. Both of the kinds are not sharpened.(the process of sharpening takes place on the machines designed to cut.
- Straight wire – the sharpening on the machines causes sharpening one wire edge.
- spiral cut wire - the sharpening on the machine causes sharpening two wire edges (the cutting wire is designed to cut the block of foam during two headways of machine table.

The ranges of dimensions, in which we produce our devices ( rotative length)
- Cutting strings – rotative length of range from 3200mm to 13000mm- there is a possibility of ordering cutting wires of any length from this category.
- Cutting wires – of any rotative length, proposed by customer.

We can boast about the largest number of cutting wires types. Particular types of bond knives are basically designed to cut sepcified material type characterised by appropriate density in kg/m3.

Our devices have been produced on the basis of the best raw materials available on the market. It guarantees theirs high quality. There is a possibility connected with matching of the cutting wires type so that, the customer would be able to match it to cutting material .

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